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Marine stainless steel hinges

The hinge is as important as the element that holds it in place. Stainless steel hinges for seat assembly are a very practical staple that provides a perfect chair assembly, supported by elements of excellent quality and at a great price.

Why do you need good hinges?

For safety reasons, but also for comfort, boat seats must have good quality hinges to ensure their support and stability against sudden movements that may be caused by wind and tides.

The elements used on board should always be made of very resistant materials, since in this environment artifacts and objects are more susceptible to wear and tear from environmental factors, such as saltpeter, wind, humidity and others. Therefore, this set of hinges is made of highly durable materials and stainless steel that will provide a longer life for itself and thus for the seats.

The furniture of your boat should be installed with the first line of elements to ensure architectural and sturdy construction, clean surfaces and no possible defects, as it could be a poorly installed seat or oxidized or loose hinges. The stainless steel hinges that you can find at allow you to install recliners on board for optimal comfort during the voyage. In addition, their construction based on high strength and durable materials ensures that they will remain taut for a long time, avoiding problems such as broken or lowered seats, which can also be an uncomfortable problem and quite unsightly for the appearance of your boat.

Details and specifications

230 x 250mm stainless steel hinge set for marine space seat installation